Understanding Hair Extensions


Its is every ladies wish to look and feel beautiful and among the areas that she will be looking at to achieving beauty is the hair. Hair extensions are an efficient way for you to get to get the kind of hair you have always dreamed about. Hair extensions are made in hair extension factories as either synthetic hair or natural hair. The facilities ensure that they use a silicone lining in developing the synthetic hair to give it a good shine.

Among the different types of Super Hair Factory hair extensions that will be developed in these factories include the tape-in hair extensions. These are currently the most common hair extensions on the market today. They are easy to use since they do not take long to fix in your head and you will not also need further visit the salon for hair adjustments. They are used by hooking these tapes to each side of your natural hair using heat. The tape-in extensions are said to last long with decent care.

Clip-in extensions are mostly developed for temporary use to serve various purposes. You can use the clip-in hair extensions if you want to achieve a certain look for a function. You will be able to put them anywhere on your natural hair. They are also manufactured in different textures, colors, and styles to offer you with a variety of choices.

Fusion extension is known to be among the expensive hair extension procedures. However, these types of hair extensions will require almost no maintenance after installation. These extensions are fused to your hair by use of an adhesive such as keratin and glue, and a hot tool will be used to fuse the hair strands together. You can also choose hair well extension. They are applied on and through the bundles of weaved natural hair by way of stitching.

If you want hair extensions that will serve you for a few months, then you can use the micro-link extensions. These hair extensions are also termed as micro-bead extensions since they are fixed to the natural hair and attached by use of a metal bead. Further, The extensions are hooked through your natural hair then you can decide to move the beads up and down to achieve the desired design. You may further read about hair extensions at http://pretty-little-liars.wikia.com/wiki/File:Hair_Extensions_for_Halloween!.jpg.

Therefore you now can appreciate that Super Hair Factory hair extension are not just like any another manufacturing product. Every head is different, and thus various processes will be sued to achieve the required texture, grade, color and length aimed at meeting diverse client needs.